Telepsych: Virtual Services

Within the past several months, a majority of mental health treatment has shifted from face-to-face to virtual Telepsych. While this did require some adjusting, many people are surprised by how happy they are with virtual therapy or Telepsych. Virtual services allow you to create a safe and comfortable space that’s on your own terms. Having these services virtually, means you get to decide where you are and how you customize your environment.

At CEH, online services work very much like an in-person session, except you are not in the same room as the provider.  For patients who cannot go to our facilities in Charlotte-Metro, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Asheville, or surrounding areas you can receive assistance anywhere that’s convenient for you. Center for Emotional Health offers therapy and medication management services for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. We offer both therapy and medication management appointments via telepsych. Virtual appointments are also available on the weeknights and weekends. Telepsych provides an excellent resource for our patients to receive the care they need while leveraging technology to maximize their convenience.

For information more about our Telepsych and/or In-Office services you can contact our offices by phone at (704) 237-4240 or by email at